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Nigel Young

Nigel Young - 4WALLS

Introducing :

Nigel has qualifications in architectural draughting, small-business management, computer-aided design and theology. His writing draws on his experience as a communicator and entrepreneur.

About :

“I have been employed, unemployed and self-employed. I have been consulted, and made redundant. I know the joy of starting a business and the pain of closing one. I have never been bankrupt. I have been involved with computing – primarily in graphic design, photography and CAD – since 1993, and have a strong purist / analogue streak. I use a 120-film camera, love old drawings, all things Art Deco, Vivaldi, and riding my Kawasaki W650.”

Speciality :

My background is both conceptual and technical, and my favourite question is “what if …?” A broad spectrum of interests and experience allows me to write about a range of topics. I am developing a course based around personal change management and authenticity, and the need for wellness – primarily in the workplace.

I have a passion for affordable housing and the social cost implications if we continue to ignore this issue. I have written on eCommerce, Canterbury as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of New Zealand for a UK-based publication, digital photography and its impact on the printing industry. I have been published in architecture, photography, printing and even a telecommunication magazine.

More recently I have been writing blogs on the importance of wellbeing from a self-employed business perspective. My photography is currently on sale in a local fine-art gallery, and I have previously held an exhibition of my work.

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